Bernie Reifkind

How to Keep Millennials from Leaving Their Jobs

Millennials often seek a higher purpose when it comes to their work. When trying to keep Millennials happy, remind them of your company’s mission statement, and how they contribute and are crucial to the greater cause. They like to know they are of worth. Forty-nine percent of junior Millennials (or Millennials in graduate or junior positions) reported in a Deloitte survey that their personal values or morals were very influential in their decision-making at work.

Are Your Employees Making You Sick?

Procrastinating the inevitable is a dangerous and slippery slope. A bad employee might even be making your co workers sick. Think on that.

Healthy organizations operate well by having talented and healthy leaders. Why get sick if you don’t have to? Treat yourself with some preventative medicine. Hire right but if you make a hiring mistake, cut your loss as soon as possible.